Open Acres Bakery Pies

Introducing what’s new and fresh to Open Acres!

Our unforgettable 9” whole and half bakery pies are baked using fresh fruits, high quality ingredients and simple and delightful recipes. We combine fruit, fresh picked at the peak of its ripeness, sugar and spice in a delicate, flaky crust to deliver that baked fresh taste you expect from Open Acres. With a recipe and flavor for every occasion, make your next event special with Open Acres Bakery Pies.

Depending on the store location, Open Acres Bakery Pies are available in conventional whole and convenient half sizes.

Open Acres bakery pies


Apple Pie

Cinnamon, sugar and Granny Smith Apples picked from California and Washington state apple orchards combine to create our crisp, flavorful take on a classic dessert.

Blueberry Pie

Our Blueberry Pie is made with cultivated and wild blueberries that are plump with juicy flavor. All blueberries in this pie are fresh picked at the peak of their ripeness, when they’re at their sweetest.

Cherry Pie

A special blend of dark, tart red cherries makes our Cherry Pie flavorful and delicious. The rich cherry filling is complemented by a delicate, buttery crust, making for a simple and simply delicious pie.

Dutch Apple Pie

The delicious crumb streusel topping on top of our Dutch Apple Pie is just as mouthwatering as the apple filling, a perfectly balanced blend of crisp apples, cinnamon and sugar.

open acres bakery pies strawberry rhubarb

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Juicy, sweet strawberries are perfectly complemented by tart rhubarb in this delightfully fruity and fresh bakery pie.

open acres bakery pies pecan

Pecan Pie

Seasonal –  Fancy pecan halves and a rich, caramel filling combine to create this decadent dessert. Our Pecan Pie is extremely indulgent, and perfectly complements any holiday table.

open acres pumpkin pie boxed

Pumpkin Pie

Seasonal – Our Pumpkin Pie will become your new fall favorite. A velvety blend of 100% pure pumpkin, milk, fresh eggs and spices will delight the guests at your holiday table.