Open Acres Marinated Meats

Introducing what’s new and fresh to Open Acres!

Sourced from the Midwest, our new line of premium marinated meats is handcrafted in Michigan. Each individual cut of meat is hand-selected by a master craftsman and trimmed to perfection, so you can expect a consistent thickness and taste in every mouthwatering bite. Open Acres’ new fresh and lean cuts of meat are grill ready; they are marinated and seasoned to enhance the flavor of our quality meats, not to cover it up. They’re also conveniently sold in packages that allow for smaller, individual-sized portions. Open Acres Marinated Meats deliver that farm fresh taste you expect from Open Acres.


Arrachera pork

Arrachera Pork Chop

Arrachera Steak

Arrachera Skirt Steak

Bourbon brown sugar pork chops

Bourbon Brown Sugar Pork Chop

Fiesta Ball Tip

Fiesta Ball Tip Steak

Mesquite Tri Tip beef

Mesquite Tri-Tip Steak

steakhouse ball tip steak

Steakhouse Ball Tip Steak

Nashville Hot Chicken